Battle for the ring and reign supreme!

Fight each other and compete for the King's Throne! Grab the ring and don't let go! How long can you hold on?
Role: Lead Programmer, Designer, Composer
Development Time: Febuary - April 2020
Development Team: 4 People (Shawn Urban, Kymani Scarlett, Drew Williams)
Platform: PC, compatible with console  controllers
2-4 Players
Made with Unity
This game is still under development
My Contributions
I came up with the idea of King of the Ring (KOTR) by combining a party game with a platformer. I wanted to have a party game that revolved around the intense physics that platformers usually have. The main gamemode in KOTR is a King of the Hill type of objective, where the King's ring spawns and everyone has to platform and fight their way to the ring. Bombs and knives spawn allowing players to throw and kill each other to capture the ring. The player holding the ring has a pulse ability to deflect incoming projectiles, but it has a buffer so you have to time it right!

As lead programmer, I created the foundation of player movement and physics. Taking inspiration from games like Celeste and others, I tweaked the player physics to give the player some heaviness while keeping it fast-paced. I created the game manager, as well as some of the weapon functions in the game. 
Using Rewired I also mapped controls to Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 controllers. 
Project Management
This was one of the bigger teams I worked with at Quinnipiac, so having clear communication was important. I set up the project using Sourcetree, and we all used Trello to document our progress using scrum cycles. Our artist was not a Quinnipiac student so working with an outside teammate made organization and communication that much more important.