Music for Games
While in college I was able to start composing music for video games. This was my first time being exposed to music production and I plan on learning more as I grow as a game developer/composer.
Here are some of the tracks I've created for my game Beat 'Em!


Hotline Throwback


Music Outside of Games
I have been studying guitar for over a decade and have studied a variety of styles. In high school I studied Jazz, R&B, Classical, and started my journey learning the colorful and complex culture of Flamenco music. At Quinnipiac I participated in the Jazz ensemble to complete my music minor, and am continuing my studies in the Flamenco form.
I offer guitar lessons to students and I do a variety of performances ranging from casual to weddings and other events. 
For any inquiries regarding prices, etc. please contact me via email

Val Ramos (Guitarist) and Alfonso Cid (Flutist & Singer) in The Val Ramos Flamenco Ensemble