Measure up against your friends!
Find out who can master the downbeat in this upbeat twin-stick action game!
Beat 'Em is all about moving to the groove and competing for the most points!

Demo video submission for the Intel University Games Showcase 2020

Originally created as a final project for a Game Development class, we decided to take Beat 'Em to the next level. It has been showcased at Boston FIG Indie Fest of 2018 as well as RPI's GameFest of 2018 & 2019. The game is still in development and has plans for being released on Steam.

Role: Lead Programmer/Designer/Composer
Development Time: Ongoing since April 2018
Development Team: 2 (Léo Melendez & Shawn Urban)
Platform: PC, compatible with console controllers
2-4 players
Made with Unity
Audio Composition
When creating Beat 'Em we decided to go with a retro aesthetic and feel. I did my research in 80's synthwave and started composing the first couple of tracks in the game. Using Ableton Live I created the different tracks for each song.